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PWL Partnership is an award-winning team of landscape architects, urban designers and site planners with a dynamic culture, extensive expertise and a rich story. Our design approach embodies our vision of Making PlacesEngaging People, and being Inspired by Nature.

We work hard to establish meaningful and lasting relationships with our client groups, project teams, and local stakeholders. PWL Partnership’s collaborative process allows us to provide design and construction administration services on a range of projects including civic and cultural institutions, urban outdoor spaces, parks and waterfronts. By emphasizing the ecological, historical, and cultural aspects of each site, PWL Partnership can design spaces that are innovative, imaginative, and capture the essence of place. We are known for our technical ability, innovation in sustainability, and ability to deliver complex and challenging projects on time and on budget.


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Vancouver Convention Centre Expansion
Vancouver, British Columbia

About Us

Since 1976 PWL Partnership has transformed built and natural environments into vibrant and memorable destinations in ways that honour the cultural, historic and environmental attributes of place.  

Each PWL project is infused with research and rooted in context resulting in thoughtful, site-responsive places. We believe even the boldest landscape architectural statement needs to be practical in function, so we begin every project by considering its anticipated users and then create spaces that will be enriched by future generations. Our goal is to have every landscape be truly regenerative—to give more than it takes. 


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Vancouver’s Skeena Terrace public housing to be redeveloped

Peter Caulfield | Construct Connect Canada

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