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Ship Point Waterfront

Victoria, British Columbia | 2016-2018

PWL Partnership was the prime consultant in developing a master plan for Ship Point that will implement the vision for the area as a vibrant public waterfront destination.

Ship Point represents a significant opportunity for Victoria’s Inner Harbour and the city as a whole, to create an iconic attraction that fosters civic vitality, ecological resilience and economic development. The proposed design reimagines this working waterfront as a special event venue, while celebrating its history and maintaining its present functionality. 

PWL developed an implementable schematic plan that focused on creating an urban destination for civic gathering, a multi-modal transportation hub that connects downtown to the region by land and sea, and maintaining an authentic working waterfront. The plan also provides a strategy for phasing and associated capital costs. Once the master plan is approved by Council, steps will be taken to allocate the necessary capital budget in order to implement the project.

When celebrated, the interface between a community and its waterfront provide an exciting prospect for natural and human ecologies to overlap, creating a unique, engaging and vibrant public space.


Project Client
City of Victoria
Project Collaborators
HCMA Architecture + Design
Aqua-Tex Scientific Consulting Ltd.
Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd. 
WSP Canada Ltd. (Geotechnical Engineers, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers)
Integral Group
Future Landscapes