Landscape Architecture + Parks + Open Space

Glen Park

Coquitlam, British Columbia | 2012-2014

We reenvisioned Glen Park to meet the demands of a steady influx of families moving to this growing city centre. We wanted to create gathering and play space that unifies the community.  The project focused on the design and installation of a festival square, surrounded by a playground, picnic areas, and a custom pergola that serves as an identifying feature for the community.

Our design also involved thinning a large existing wooded area to create safe walking trails and a dog park with natural agility features and separate areas for large or small dogs. 

The end result celebrates the west coast forested landscape that is so characteristic of Coquitlam by using native plants, large slab paving, stepping stones, and boulders as features.

Project Client
The City of Coquitlam
Project Collaborators
Aplin and Martin, GES Geotech, Equilibrium, UCC Group