Dockside Green

Victoria, British Columbia | 2006-2017

Dockside Green is a model livable community, pursuing the highest goals in energy efficiency and sustainable design. The project started as a developer design competition by the City of Victoria and evolved into an opportunity to create a LEED® Platinum Neighbourhood Project—one of the first in North America.

This new community is a major achievement in community planning, pedestrian-oriented design, waste and rainwater management, environmental regeneration, and energy efficiency. Our team helped achieve outstanding environmental targets while developing a truly unique and richly-layered setting for residents. Many innovative approaches to sustainability and green infrastructure came to life in this project, some of which had never been seen before in a dense, urban North American environment. We helped create a blackwater treatment system, a biomass clean energy system, rainwater collection, and environmental biodiversity. All the systems had to work together and be integrated into the development seamlessly. A perfect example of this integration is the black water system, which added to the stormwater collection and created a pond system for aquatic and terrestrial life while creating a beautiful landscape for residents and visitors.

Starting in 2006, we co-led the overall master planning and design with Perkins+Will and proceeded to complete the first several phases of the project.  In 2015, we were instrumental in re-planning the remaining the site through an updated rezoning submission with HCMA, incorporating principles of social sustainability through an extensive process of community engagement.

Project Client
Dockside Green Limited Partnership
Project Collaborators
Perkins and Will, HCMA Architecture and Design  


2009 World Record-Breaking LEED-ND Platinum Certification

2008 World-Record-Breaking LEED Platinum New Construction


2010 CSLA Regional Honour Award

2009 World Record-Breaking LEED-ND Platinum Certification

2008 World-Record-Breaking LEED Platinum New Construction