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Concord Community Pop-Up Park

Vancouver, British Columbia | 2017-2018

From a sea of asphalt to a green oasis, Concord Community Pop Up Park has re-animated the last undeveloped former Expo ’86 lands as a vibrant, highly programmed destination and social hub for the community.

PWL Partnership Landscape Architects Inc.’s and Concord’s approach to the temporary park design was centred around a proud commitment to public consultation; leveraging community wisdom, needs and interests played a significant role in shaping the temporary park. Bordered by Vancouver’s iconic seawall walking and cycling route, thousands of people pass by each day, and millions annually. For over 30 years, the site was a parking lot at the northeast corner of False Creek; today, the 3.5 acre (1.4 hectare) pop-up park hosts loosely-programmed and spontaneous activities.

A wide variety of activities and movable furniture offer the public a multitude of amenities and activities. Park ambassadors offer ping pong paddles, balls, hockey sticks, volleyballs, and basketballs, while watching over the park and keeping it clean. Until the new NEFC Park is built, the Concord Community Park will provide the much-needed green space, amenity, and community benefit.

Project Client
Concord Pacific Developments Inc.
Project Collaborators
False Creek Residents Assoc., MPT Engineering, Nemetz + Assoc., Wilco, Dialog Structural


2021 IOC IAKS Award Silver