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BC Parkway Concept Design Report

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia | 2007-2009

The BC Parkway is a 26-kilometre greenway that links four different municipalities, roughly following the path of Translink’s Expo Line from Vancouver to Surrey. 

We created the conceptual design for the redevelopment of this extensive linear green space, proposing a contiguous route from one city to the next. The plan establishes guidelines for path designs, street crossings, wayfinding, and trail amenities.

At that time, bike facilities design in the Lower Mainland was a relatively new up-and-coming process with few well established local precedents. This project helped defined the standards cyclists now expect—including features like designated bike crossings, bike buttons, and curb letdowns at intersections. 

Extensive consultation with multiple stakeholder groups led to agreement on route alignment and new best practices in safety, accessibility, sustainability, and innovation.

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