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Stanley Park Lost Lagoon, Salmon Stream and Prospect Point

Vancouver, British Columbia | 1999-2001, 2007-2009

In 2006, a devastating windstorm damaged nearly every tree in Stanley Park’s Prospect Point. In response, we redesigned the area, relocating the road away from the cliff edge to increase safety, and recreating the natural habitat with native plantings. 

Several years later we helped upgrade the Stanley Park Causeway drainage system to collect all pavement stormwater and direct it to Lost Lagoon to be treated in an engineered wetland. The terraces, deep pools, and flow channels contribute to the diversity of plant and biotic life in the area and help remove pollutants from the water. 

As the prime consultant on the Stanley Park Salmon Stream, we led the design of the bridges, lookout, and planting. The man-made stream uses waste water from the aquarium to create a  natural looking urban salmon stream complete with spawning pool. 

Project Client
Vancouver Board of Parks + Recreation, Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd.


Stanley Park Salmon Stream:

2006 Waterfront Center: Honor Award

2006 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects: National Merit Award 


Stanley Park Lost Lagoon Wetland:

2002 Canadian Society of Landscape Architects: Regional Honour Award