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Electronic Arts Corporate Campus

Burnaby, British Columbia | 2003-2008

This major campus expansion created a variety of outdoor amenity spaces to support a rapidly growing workforce on an ecologically sensitive site. The plans included outdoor sports facilities, a ceremonial plaza, and a trail network with key linkages to the surrounding neighbourhoods and Deer Lake Park.

The natural forest context inspired the ecological design ethic found throughout the campus design.  A “West Coast Passage” features the instruction of a native forest that envelops the structured parking entrance.  This natural forest theme continues through the entry sequence to the drop off plaza with stone, plantings, and a retaining wall that sculpts the site and reflects a naturally occurring rock outcropping. Rooftop gardens, active sports courts and events areas create an active and engaging campus culture.

The design also incorporates an integrated stormwater management strategy.  Storm runoff goes through an irrigation system and replenishes the groundwater table onsite. The project has achieved LEED® Gold certification through the green roofs, rainwater management, and ecological enhancements.

Project Client
Electronic Arts Inc.
Project Collaborators
MCMP Architects


Phase II – LEED® certified

Phase III – LEED® Silver certified