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Guangfulin Songjiang Ruin Park, Resort Hotel

Shanghai, China | 2015-2017

Guangfulin is home to an archeological site known for its Zhou Dynasty artefacts. The area has become a major culture-based tourist attraction—a hub of museums and hotels. To support this boom, we developed the landscape design for a resort complex where a series of traditional gardens anchor the proposed hotel and convention facilities located on the banks of a reconstructed canal.

The salvaged ancient building repurposed as the resort’s main lobby sets the overall character for the project. The landscape design draws on the traditions of Chinese residential gardens and aims to provide guests with a rich, timeless experience of hospitality, entertainment, and relaxation.   Each of the hotel’s three buildings are seamlessly linked by a series of interconnected open corridors and courtyard gardens that feature water bodies and traditional “tings,” or pavilions.

Project Client
Shanghai Songjiang University Town Development Ltd.